Jansen / Zeileis - Das Nächste Jahrtausend 2023.1

Heart Of Glory

Cover: pdf || front | inside | inlay
Compiled by: Z
Released: February 2023

  1. Portion Control - The Great Divide
    <when everything's permitted, authority to kill, a sudden way to cultivate destruction over will>
  2. Borghesia - Ni Upanja, Ni Strahu = No Hope No Fear
    <poišči me v mestu po zakotnih ulicah>
  3. Nitzer Ebb - Hearts And Minds
    <your empty words, your empty soul>
  4. Front 242 - U-Men
    <i think it ain't just>
  5. Signal Aout 42 - Pro Patria
    <dozens of millions dead>
  6. A Split-Second - Flesh
    <this is when you turn to sanctimonious rituals, the duty of the beast>
  7. Vomito Negro - The New Force
    <war, dance, fight, ignition>
  8. The Force Dimension - Tension (Blue Version)
    <you and me together, we're in the beat>
  9. à;GRUMH... - Drama In The Subway
    <it's not your problem, not your life>
  10. The Klinik - Go Back
    <let me hear your body talk>
  11. Front Line Assembly - Digital Tension Dementia
    <freedom is a luxury of self-induced hostility>
  12. Psyche - The Brain Collapses
    <another body falls to the floor and a disfigured face waits at the door>
  13. Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
    <rot and assimilate, hot to annihilate>
  14. Pankow - Kunst Und Wahnsinn
    <ich atme kunst, fresse wahnsinn>
  15. Tribantura - Lack Of Sense
    <blinded by genial words>
  16. Bigod 20 - Body To Body (An Afternoon Of Aggression)
    <stand up and move, you lazy pack>
  17. Public Relation - Eighty Eight
    <action, vision, eighty eight>