Jansen / Zeileis - Das Nächste Jahrtausend 2012.1

Bangers & Mash

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Compiled by: Z
Released: July 2012

  1. Eurythmics vs. Eminem - Sweet Dreams vs. W/outME (DJ Zebra)
    <i'm interesting, the best thing since wrestling>
  2. Nirvana vs. Destiny's Child - Smells Like Teen Booty (Freelance Hellraiser)
    <i don't think you can handle this>
  3. The Stooges vs. Salt'n'Pepa - No Fun/Push It (2 Many DJ's)
    <coolin' by day then at night working up a sweat>
  4. Billy Idol vs. Pink - Pink Wedding (Go Home Productions)
    <i'm your operator, you can call anytime>
  5. The Cure vs. Mike Jones - Mr. Jones In A Forest (ComaR)
    <chasing the man you can't see>
  6. Nena vs. Eminem - Nur Geträumt (Hifi Brown)
    <he opens his mouth but the words won't come out>
  7. Elton John vs. Will Smith - I'm Still Fresh (Sean McColgan)
    <chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool>
  8. Alphaville vs. Beyonce Knowles - Crazy In Japan (Party Ben)
    <my texture is the best fur of chinchilla>
  9. Falco vs. Sean Paul - Temperature Calling (DJ Schmolli)
    <i wanna be the papa, you can be the mom>
  10. Public Enemy vs. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Rebel Without A Pause (The Evolution Control Committee)
    <panther power on the hour from the rebel to you>
  11. Seeed vs. Offspring vs. Dem Franchize Boyz - Rock Wit The Original Waterpumpee (DJ Schmolli)
    <tries bangin' little hoochie mamas>
  12. Basement Jaxx vs. The Clash - Magnificent Romeo (2 Many DJ's)
    <you're neurotic like a yo-yo>
  13. Blondie vs. The Doors - Rapture Riders (Go Home Productions)
    <i said don't stop, do punk rock>
  14. Kraftwerk vs. Timbaland - The Way Models Are (KrazyBen)
    <baby if you strip, you can get a tip>
  15. Kylie Minogue vs. New Order - Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head (Kurtis Rush)
    <don't leave me locked in your heart>
  16. Dead Or Alive vs. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Like A Record) (Party Ben)
    <you were such a p.y.t.>
  17. Enya vs. The Prodigy - Orinco Bitch (Lenlow)
    <from bissau to palau, in the shade of avalon>
  18. Princess Superstar vs. Simian vs. Von Bondies vs. Fatboy Slim - C'mon Fuck Me (DJ Zebra)
    <attack the beat from the back>
  19. The Hives vs. Madonna - I Hate Music (MC Sleazy)
    <mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel>
  20. The Ramones vs. Beastie Boys - Beastie Bop (Dinbot)
    <if you learn to love then you might love life>
  21. Blur vs. Deichkind - BlurDemmi (DJ Morgoth)
    <wir tanzen auf den Tischen, die Stimmung ist beschissen>
  22. Elastica vs. The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Connection (A Plus D)
    <you do it all again but you don't stop trying>
  23. Bloc Party vs. Nelly Furtado vs. Supershirt - Nebelbanquet (Supershirt)
    <wo sind die hebel für nebel und stroboskop>

  1. The Ventures vs. Black Eyed Peas - Pump It Hawaii 5~0 (DJ Spider)
    <monkey business, outrageous>
  2. Fine Young Cannibals vs. James Brown - Good, Good Thing (Voicedude)
    <morning came into my room, caught me dreaming like a fool>
  3. Adamski vs. The Killers - Somebody Kill Me (Party Ben)
    <heaven ain't close in a place like this>
  4. Green Day vs. Gary Glitter vs. KLF - Dr. Who On Holiday (Dean Gray)
    <hear the dogs howling out of key to a hymn called faith and misery>
  5. Ray Parker Jr. vs. AC/DC - ThunderBusters (Wax Audio)
    <the thunder of guns, it tore me apart>
  6. Daft Punk vs. Bon Jovi - Daft Prayer (DJ Payroll)
    <we've got each other and that's a lot>
  7. Madonna vs. Cassius - Toop Toop Groove (Loo & Placido)
    <music can be such a revelation, dancing around you feel the sweet sensation>
  8. Tegan And Sara vs. Mylo - Walking With A Ghost In Paris (Party Ben)
    <you're out of my mind>
  9. David Guetta feat. Sia vs. The Proclaimers vs. Midnight Oil - Titanium 500 (DJ Schmolli)
    <you shoot me down but i won't fall>
  10. Depeche Mode vs. Egotronic - Precious Lustprinzip (DJ Morgoth)
    <grüsse an den Rest der Welt>
  11. Nine Inch Nails vs. The Beatles - Come Closer (DJ Zebra)
    <he got feet down below his knee>
  12. The Strokes vs. Christina Aguilera - A Stroke Of Genie-us (Freelance Hellraiser)
    <my body's sayin' let's go, but my heart is sayin' no>
  13. Blur vs. Electric Six - Gay House (Go Home Productions)
    <he doesn't drink smoke laugh, takes herbal baths>
  14. Pink vs. The Vines - Free Party (Ultra 396)
    <ride into the sun>
  15. Plastic Bertrand vs. Gorillaz - Ça Plane Pour Clint (DJ Schmolli)
    <time for me is nothing 'cause I'm counting no age>
  16. Kanye West vs. Daft Punk vs. Kanye West - Dafter Stronger Gold Digger (A Plus D)
    <we want prenup, yeah>
  17. Nena vs. Jay-Z - 99 Luft Problems (DJ Morgoth)
    <but a bitch ain't one>
  18. The Beatles vs. Beastie Boys - Ladies Do Love Me (DJ BC)
    <educated no, stupid yes>
  19. David Bowie vs. Genesis - Let's Dance & I Can't Dance (El Barto & Liam B)
    <if you say run, i'll run with you>
  20. INXS vs. The Mohawks vs. Diana Ross - Upside Down Tonight (DJ Zebra)
    <something about you girl that makes me sweat>
  21. Martha & The Vandellas vs. Basement Jaxx feat. Lisa Kekaula - No Luck To Run (Zamali)
    <you're so totally deluded>
  22. Glenn Miller & His Orchestra vs. Rage Against The Machine - In The Mood For Some Killing (DJ Schmolli)
    <they're the chosen whites>