Jansen / Zeileis - Das Nächste Jahrtausend 2008.2

Nuklear Klub

Cover: pdf || front | inside | inlay
Compiled by: Z
Released: February 2008

  1. The Presets - My People
    <i'll find my way tonight so i can find my way to you>
  2. Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control
    <it's part not giving in and part trusting your friends>
  3. Hadouken! - Bounce
    <i could just be pop's latest fad, i wanna have a dance like whigfield had, credibility i can ditch if they can make me filthy rich>
  4. Robots In Disguise - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid
    <tequila's made me stupid, the grass has made me stupid, success has made me stupid>
  5. The Chemical Brothers feat. Klaxons - All Rights Reversed
    <down on earth the primal chaos is pushing backwards but even then the danger never stops>
  6. Operator Please - Just A Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sell Out White Stallion Remix Edit)
    <i bet you know beef jerky has an after taste>
  7. Late Of The Pier - Space And The Woods (Neon Plastix Remix)
    <suicide is in my blood, it always was>
  8. The Tigerpicks - Pow Pow Pow
    <you know my pistol's gonna blow>
  9. Punks Jump Up - Dance To Our Disco
    <bowing to the wisdom of insanity>
  10. Trash Fashion - It's A Rave Dave
    <just lots of people in a room spreading love and listening to tunes>
  11. The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
    <they call me quiet girl but i'm a riot>
  12. The Wombats - Kill The Director (CSS Remix)
    <carrots help us see much better in the dark>
  13. To My Boy - Model
    <and i am on the scrap heap now>
  14. Tiga - Far From Home (Digitalism Remix)
    <now i'm gonna roll like i got nothing but luck with a spring in my step as i strut down the block>
  15. Boys Noize - & Down
    <dance dance dance>
  16. Justice - Waters Of Nazareth
    <dr. cal meacham: you boys like to call this the pushbutton age. it isn't, not yet. not until we can team up atomic energy with electronics.>
  17. Riot In Belgium - La Musique
    <au son de la rythmique, les heures sont platoniques, les boissons atomiques>
  18. Yelle - A Cause Des Garçons (Tepr Remix)
    <les femmes pratiques qui en ont pas marre des cosmo vogue et tout le bazar>
  19. Vitalic - My Friend Dario
    <the noise the wheels make screeching on the tarmac echoes in his head, then echoes in his pants>
  20. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax KYLUSS Remix)
    <don't leave me locked in your heart: set me free>