Jansen / Zeileis - Das Nächste Jahrtausend 2007.3

Reaktor Disko

Cover: pdf || front | inside | inlay
Compiled by: Z
Released: June 2007

  1. Klaxons - Magick
    <the way to golden dawn, the way to koh phangan>
  2. The Neon Plastix - Prick Tease
    <just a dirty sleaze>
  3. Shitdisco - Reactor Party
    <furthest outpost of bourgeois hardcore, cossack dancing on a concrete dancefloor>
  4. Hadouken! - Liquid Lives
    <i damaged my brain, next weekend let's do it again!>
  5. Goose - British Mode
    <give me a reason to cool you down>
  6. The Whip - Trash
    <i have become the trigger for your gun>
  7. Clor - Love + Pain
    <wide-eyed and open-mouthed, you look a little lost and found>
  8. Cansei De Ser Sexy - Fuck Off Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show
    <you feel like you wanna change the life today, you feel bad you didn't make it yesterday>
  9. New Young Pony Club - Hiding On The Staircase
    <it's the sound of them cursing their existence, jungle drums beat in the bathroom, separation's in the distance>
  10. Datarock - Fa-Fa-Fa (Radio Edit)
    <i left my brain in the past, i'm gonna ride fast to where i don't care>
  11. The Rapture - Get Myself Into It
    <on the train feel insane>
  12. The Sounds - Hurt You
    <don't say you just wanna go! don't you know you're on your own?>
  13. Infadels - Love Like Semtex
    <we ain't so sick, we're just part of the list>
  14. The Automatic - Raoul
    <our ambition got cast aside, thrown away when the batteries died>
  15. The Sunshine Underground - Put You In Your Place
    <you can't stand to see that smile on my face>
  16. Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix)
    <there is blood on all the shoes you've worn from the people you've been stepping on>
  17. Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat
    <on the dancefloor i am a world-class freak>
  18. Digitalism - Idealistic
    <i have an idea that you are here, i have the idea that you were near>
  19. The Presets - Are You The One?
    <slipping and sliding, i'm out of control>
  20. Dandi Wind - Balloon Factory
    <what the fuck you saying? is that cantonese?>
  21. Shy Child - Noise Won't Stop
    <scream and shout>