Jansen / Zeileis - Das Nächste Jahrtausend 2003.3

High Fidelity

Cover: pdf || front | inside | inlay
Compiled by: Z
Released: July 2003

  1. The Faint - Agenda Suicide
    <the drones work hard before they die>
  2. Placebo - The Bitter End
    <we're running out of alibis>
  3. The Sounds - Living In America
    <teenage pornstars, living for nothing now>
  4. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
    <save me from the nothing i've become>
  5. System Of A Down - Chop Suey
    <i cry when angels deserve to die>
  6. The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
    <i wanna be ignored by the stiff and the bored>
  7. Liam Lynch - United States Of Whatever
    <he's, like, "hey, punk", i'm, like, "yeah, whatever">
  8. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
    <from the queen of england to the hounds of hell>
  9. Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage!
    <don't you wanna know how we keep starting fires?>
  10. Machine Gun Fellatio - Pussy Town
    <you're four times double cream>
  11. Radio 4 - Dance To The Underground (Prance Mix by The Faint)
    <electrify, it's a new regime>
  12. Caesars - Jerk It Out
    <i'm chasing cars up and down the avenue but that's okay>
  13. The Raveonettes - Beat City
    <wanna hang with the girls and shoot my gun>
  14. Queens Of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow
    <i want something good to die for to make it beautiful to live>
  15. Interpol - Leif Erikson
    <i'm just prey to the female>
  16. JJ72 - Oxygen
    <rising to pure insanity>
  17. Indochine - J'Ai Demandé A La Lune
    <le meilleur me fait souffrir>
  18. Nova International - Favourite Girl
    <something went wrong, i got up too late>
  19. The Ark - Echo Chamber
    <if you always must know what's right you will end up, you will end up among the ones who always are wrong>
  20. Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
    <i guess it's fair if he always pays the rent and he doesn't get bent about sleeping on the couch when i'm there>
  21. The Coral - Dreaming Of You
    <can't feel no pavement right under my feet>
  22. The Moldy Peaches - Steak For Chicken
    <found my calling as a part time bowler, traded my wife in for a new 3 holer>
  23. Johnny Cash - Hurt
    <i hurt myself today to see if i still feel. i focus on the pain, the only thing that's real.>